In-Class Movie Review

      I’ve been finding the movie we’ve been watching in class pretty interesting. I think the movie brings up a number of good points that are swept under the rug. The Columbine scene that we watched today was pulled on my emotional strings and I felt disgusted about how easy it is for people to have guns. The violence in the world is definitely brought to light in this movie. It’s almost devastating to watch such events take place. Footage of the twin towers being attacked is also a scene that stands out in my mind. I don’t think Americans will ever be able to see the footage of that day without being angry and hurt. I think the movie brings up points that cause people to go crazy that the media doesn’t like to focus on. I think it’s good to consider other possible triggers of anger rather then your typical stereotypes, like the example of Marilyn Manson that was shown. The movie, I think, tries to depict the idea that America’s gun and violence is out of control to the point of being ridiculous.



1. ebay.com

2. target.com


4. nmu.edu

5. Youtube.com


7. myspace.com

8. google.com

9. ruckus.com

10. espn.com

Thanksgiving Forgotten?

This weekend while driving from Michigan through Wisconsin to Illinois Inoticed that people are already beginning to decorate for Christmas. This makes me wonder if Thanksgiving is being forgotten because it doesn’t bring presents like Christmas. It’s like it’s being rushed because it doesn’t give people something. I really hope that this is not the reason to blow off Thanksgiving. This year more then ever Americans need to give thanks for all the blessings they have, because there is a good chance that someone you know has it worse then you. Maybe the push of Christmas items is out there so soon to help the economy, but I really don’t think Christmas should be an excuse to get the economy running. People don’t have the money they did in the past and don’t need the added pressure and rising costs of presents to deepen their debts. I hope people dont forget the real meanings of both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that they take time to celebrate both with happiness and are grateful to have family and friends for both days.

Pet Peeves

I think it is fair to say that everyone has some pet peeves. Things taht make you angry, grossed out, and annoyed! You can try all you want to ignore these things, but the truth is it’s eating you alive on the inside. We can even manipulate people by being performing acts that cause people to get “peeved”. I know that people have purpously went out of ther way to get me “peeved” and it works everytime!

My Peeves are:

1. When people are disrespectful to each other.

2. When my alarm clock doesn’t go off.

3. When people get in the way in a parking lot.

4. chewing with your mouth open

5. Liars

6. when people dont say thank you

7. loud people

8. nosey people

9. when people do drum beats with their fingers

10. nails on chalk board

Obama 2008

    Right this second I am still overwhelmed to know that I am apart of one of the greatest moments of history. I am excited to see change develop over the next four years. I am proud to say that I voted for Obama. I believe that he will do a god job leading this country down a long road of recovery. I feel that by Obama being the next president that there is finally light to be shed on a much needed intervention. People come to know hope when they understand Obama and what he stands for. I also feel that the country needs to come together and overlook issues of race and age. Yes, President Obama is black and is young, but how could this stand in the way of giving him respect? This has become no less because we have a black president, it has become greater. We as a country have shown the world that we are able to look past the issues of race to bring ourselves to a better country. In my heart I trust President Obama’s plans for the country and I will be as patient as possible to see America recover.

Ten Debates

Ten Topics I Can Debate

  1. community college vs Universities
  2. Issues of global warming
  3. The need for capital punishment
  4. Dress Codes
  5. Abortion
  6. Homeschool vs public
  7. Drinking age
  8. Nature vs Nurture
  9. Gay Marriage
  10. Using bait to hunt

      Generally, I don’t like to debate. Debating to me means arguing. Where there is arguing there is stress. Although I don’t like arguing or dealing with stress I will without a doubt stand up for what I believe in. I would say that my weakness in debating is having the patience to explain myself to other people. I have an attitude which reflects that if you don’t understand where I’m coming from then that’s too bad for you, and not my problem. My strength is that I don’t crack easily, I don’t tend to give in just because someone on an opposing side has good points. I take them into consideration but reassure myself that I need to stand by what I believe is right. I have confidence in what I believe in, which is a strength, but don’t always understand why I feel so strongly about issues as I do, which is a weakness. When this happens I get over passionate and too worked up about the issue. Debating is essential in society to see other sides of issues, but also creates disagreements. Debating is really a love-hate issue.


     Halloween costumes seem to be an opening conversation starter for people everywhere this week. At the college level people are finally able to get away form their parents and be whatever inappropriate character they wish. I’ve been hearing too much talk about how Halloween is just an excuse for girls at the college level to dress like “sluts.” Although I myself didn’t go out and buy one of these expensive outfits, there is no denying that they are head turning and risky. I think that if that’s how you want to present yourself for a night then that’s fine. I just don’t see what the big deal is and why people have to be so worried about what the next girl is wearing. It’s her choice to dress up for one night of the year. I understand that people are entitled to their own opinion of these racy costumes but that energy spent ranting about them would be better used to creating their own costume! Halloween is about having fun and dressing up. It shouldn’t be about bashing what a girl wants to wear for a night and judging people on their costumes. I guess I’m just sick of hearing the controversy about the scandalous outfits and how they ruin Halloween.